Associate Research Scientist
Southeast climate Consortium

Education: Ph.D. - State University of New York, Binghamton

Current Research Interests: Potential applications of climate information to agricultural production and livelihood in Burkina Faso, Carbon sequestration and Community based land management practices in Mali

Courses Taught: Anthropology of Development, Africa: Peoples and Institutions, Women in Cross Cultural Perspective, Feminist Ethnography

Selected Publications:

2003: “Meteorological Meanings: Understanding of Seasonal Rainfall Forecasts by farmers of Burkina Faso.” with K. Ingram, P. Kirshen, and C. Jost. Weather, Climate, and Culture Strauss and Orlove (eds).

2002: “Opportunities and Constraints for Farmers of West Africa to Use Seasonal Precipitation Forecasts with Burkina Faso as a Case Study.” with K. Ingram and P. Kirshen. Agricultural Systems, 74, pp. 331-349.

2002: “Reading the Rains: Local Knowledge and Rainfall Forecasting Among Farmers of Burkina Faso”. with K. Ingram and P. Kirshen. Society and Natural Resources, 15, pp. 411-430.

2001:“The Costs and Risks of Coping: Drought and Diversified Livelihoods in Burkina Faso”. with K Ingram and P. Kirshen. Climate Research., 19 (2), pp. 119-132.

Regional Interests: West Africa [Mali, Burkina Faso]