On theĀ fourth Saturday in August, the African Studies Institute hosts the Annual Africa Family Picnic at Memorial Park in Athens. The picnic, which started in 2011, has become an annual tradition for students, faculty, community members, and their families. For the last two years, the African Studies community and their supporters in Athens and as far away as Atlanta has come together to spend an afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather and great company. Each year, everyone brings food to share and things to grill, resulting in lots to eat and a varied menu consisting of food from various African and American cultures. The afternoons have also consisted of the reunion of old friends and the creation of new friendships. Each year, the picnic lasts from 4-8pm with those in attendance showing interest in getting together again soon to strengthen the community and hold more events like the picnic.

ASI would like to thank all those were involved in planning and executing these wonderful gatherings over the years as well as those in attendance. In 2011, the first Africa Family Picnic was on Saturday, August 27 while the 2012 event took place on Saturday, August 25. This year, 2017, will be held on August 26.

We look forward to the expansion of the African community in Athens.