As part of the University of Georgia strategic plan to expand international study opportunities, the African Studies Institute and interested faculty have developed a business plan creating a new comprehensive campus in Tanzania called the African Teaching, Research and Outreach Center (ATROC).  Currently, no other American institution has a study abroad facility in Africa.  The opportunity is right for the University to take a leadership role in African Studies by establishing such a Center.  The primary objectives of the Center are:

  1. to strengthen existing study-abroad educational programs in Africa,
  2. to provide research opportunities and collaboration in East Africa,
  3. to provide additional teaching opportunities and collaboration with African educational institutions (especially those in the IUCEA consortium), and
  4. to provide public service and outreach opportunities for UGA students, including cooperation with local and rural communities and service learning projects.

In keeping with the strategic plan of the University of Georgia, that is to advance the international aspects of teaching, research, public service and outreach missions, and to enrich the learning environment of its students, the primary goals of the African Studies Institute embrace the enhancement of the teaching of courses with a rich African content, initiation of new courses and degree programs in African Studies, collaboration in research opportunities in and about Africa, and the expansion of current and the creation of new studies abroad, student and faculty exchange, and continuing education and outreach programs between African institutions and the University of Georgia.