Welcome to the African Studies Institute website at The University of Georgia


The Institute provides benefits to students, faculty and staff encompassing the humanities, social sciences, physical, biological and agricultural sciences, as well as those from our professional schools, such as business, education, law, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, public health and environmental design. We provide classroom and practical experience and thoughtful discourse to students, undergraduates and graduates. We engage in original, collaborative research among faculty, and we encourage and support outreach/service learning opportunities for all with respect to Africa.

The African Studies Institute offers an undergraduate Certificate in African Studies and an undergraduate Minor in African Studies. In addition, the Institute supports the Minor in African Languages and Literatures in the department of Comparative Literature. Furthermore, the Institute supports instruction in Arabic and Hausa out of its affiliated department of Religion.

To further enhance its academic offerings, the ASI hosts and participates in several events throughout the year. These activities include: the Annual Darl Snyder Lecture on Africa; the weekly APERO Africana Lectures; State of the Art conferences and symposia; the Fall lecture and open house; the K-12 Teacher Seminar on Africa; the regional Southeast and the National Model African Union (SEMAU & NAMAU respectively); and the African Languages' Cultural Awareness events.

Come see us, email us, or simply visit our website periodically for news and vital information about Africa and programs in Africa. We hope you will join us in further strengthening the African Studies Institute at the University of Georgia.

Akinloye Ojo
Associate Professor and Director