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Minor in African Languages and Literatures (MALL)


The Minor in African Languages and Literatures is designed to provide students with a deep, coordinated and valuable understanding of the African continent and the multi-dimensional aspects of the linguistic and literary life on the continent. The minor is designed for undergraduate students interested either in the languages of Africa or in the body of literary work present on the continent. The minor will additionally assist students interested in pursuing graduate work in the humanities with special focus on issues pertaining to language or literature in Africa. Although the courses offered in the minor will mainly be those based within Comparative Literature department, there will be opportunities for students to have independent studies in areas beyond the scope of the department courses. Students will also be able to petition for African language and literature-related content courses in other departments (such as English, Drama, Linguistics, etc.) towards the program. 


Franklin College of Arts & Sciences 

346 Brooks Hall 

Athens, GA 30602 


Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies 

131 Joseph E. Brown Hall 

University of Georgia 

Athens, GA 30602 

Department Head: 

Masaki Mori     

129 Joe Brown Hall 

Program Prerequisites 

Before enrolling for the program, students must complete one year (two semesters) study of an African Language.  

Pre-requisite Courses - 6 hours  

Candidates can choose one of the following languages: Arabic, Manding, Swahili, Yoruba or Zulu to satisfy the program prerequisites.  


  • First Year Arabic: 
  • ARAB 1001: Elementary Standard Arabic I 
  • ARAB 1002:  Elementary Standard Arabic II 
  • First Year Manding: 
  • MAND  1010: Elementary Manding I  
  • MAND  1020: Elementary Manding II 
  • First Year Swahili: 
  • SWAH 1010: Elementary Swahili I 
  • SWAH 1020: Elementary Swahili II 
  • First Year Yoruba 
  • YORB  1010: Elementary Yoruba I  
  • YORB  1020: Elementary Yoruba II 
  • First Year Zulu 
  • ZULU 1001: Elementary Zulu I 
  • ZULU1002:  Elementary Zulu II 

Course Requirements 

To complete the Minor in African Languages and Literature Program, students must take 18 credit hours across various courses provided below.  

Required Courses  - 6 hours  

  1. Candidates must Choose one Intermediate level African language course from the following: 
  • SWAH 2010: Intermediate Swahili I  
  • MAND 2010: Intermediate Manding I  
  • YORB 2010: Intermediate Yoruba I 
  • ZULU 2001: Intermediate Zulu I 


  1. Candidates must take one course in African literature and culture from the following: 
  • AFST/CMLT 3030: Introduction to African Languages and Cultures  
  • CMLT 3150: Introduction to Modern African Languages  
  • CMLT 4245/ 6245: Oral Literature in Africa  

Elective Courses - 12 hours 

Candidates must choose at least three or four elective courses (12 credit hours) from the list below.  

  • AFST 4200/6200: Critical Issues of Development and Growth in Africa  
  • AFST/DRAM 4470/6470: African Theatre: An Historical Overview 
  • ARAB 2003: Intermediate Standard Arabic I 
  • ARAB 2004: Intermediate Standard Arabic II  
  • ARAB 4000/6000: Moroccan Dialectical Arabic  
  • ARAB 4100/6100: Reading and Research ni Arabic and Islamic Literature  
  • CMLT 2100: Introduction to Africa 
  • CMLT 3990: Directed Study in Comparative Literature 
  • CMLT 3150: Introduction to Modern African Literature 
  • CMLT 4230/6230: African Cinema 
  • CMLT 4875/6875: The African Diaspora 
  • CMLT 4880/6880: Survey of African Literature I  
  • CMLT 4890/6890: Survey of African Literature II 
  • CMLT 4895/6895: Francophone/Lusophone African Literature in English Translation 
  • LING 4870/6870: Language, Gender, and Culture  
  • SWAH 2020: Intermediate Swahili II  
  • SWAH 3010:  Advanced Swahili I 
  • SWAH 3020: Advanced Swahili II 
  • SWAH 3990: Directed Studies in Swahili Culture and Literature  
  • YORB 2020: Intermediate Yoruba II 
  • YORB 3010: Advanced Yoruba I  
  • YORB 3020: Advanced Yoruba II 
  • YORB 3990: Directed Studies in Yoruba Culture and Literature 
  • ZULU 2002:  Intermediate Zulu II 
  • ZULU 3001:  Advanced Zulu I  
  • ZULU 3002:  Advanced Zulu II  
  • ZULU 3990:  Directed Studies in Zulu Culture and Literature 

In-residence Requirement  

At least four courses must be taken in residence. 

Minimum Grade  

All courses used to satisfy the minor requirement must be passed with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better. 


  • A prerequisite for the program is one year course work in African languages A minor must contain at least 9 hours of upper division coursework. . 
  • Students must complete 18 hours of coursework with at least 9 hours of upper division coursework. 
  • Courses toward the program will not consist of more than 3 hours of African languages and literatures related independent study or course work that is not on the list of required courses for the program. Such coursework must be petitioned by the student and approved by the Comparative Literature department. 


Further information about the program may be obtained by contacting:  

Dr. Ari Lieberman

Program Coordinator  

Department of Comparative Literature  

231 Joe Brown Hall 

University of Georgia



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